10 Dates You’ve Never Been On from Progression By Design

10 Dates You’ve Never Been On from Progression By Design

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I love a fun traditional dinner and movie date as much as the next girl, but sometimes I want to shake things up a bit. These ten cheap, unique date ideas will mix things up and add a fun new element to your relationship! I came up with things that are way out of my normal comfort zone that would be fun to experience with a significant other.

Watch a Movie “On Location”

Bring a laptop or a portable DVD player to a themed location depending on the movie selection. For example, if you chose a scary movie, it would be spooky to spread out a blanket and watch it on a wooded trail or in an old building (if available). If you chose a romantic comedy a rooftop with a gorgeous view would be a great choice as well! I have been meaning to try this unique date idea out for so long! It sounds so fun!

Have a Photo Shoot With Your Date

Find a close mutual friend with some photography skills (or if you have the money, hire a professional) to shoot some fun photos of you and your special someone. This will not only be a fun activity to do with one another, but it will create something lasting mementos for you both to look back on. Have fun with it! Find a pretty location to use as a backdrop, or dress up and use funny props!

Breakfast Picnic Date

Wake up early and pack a romantic breakfast picnic at the park for the two of you! Pack yummy breakfast foods like Very Vanilla Fruit Salad, bagels and cream cheese, and a big carafe of fresh squeezed juice and champagne. Who says no to mimosas? I don’t. Bring a kite to fly, get a little weird. That’s what brunch is for!

Explore Your City

Go to that new restaurant that you have both been wanting to try! See a live show, or theater performance. Explore your city and find something new and unique to do. Most cities have a website that you can check that lists all of the upcoming local live shows, exhibits, and theater performances. Make a point to try at least three new things in one day or night! 

Have a “Chopped” Date

Have a cook off! Go head to head with your date and test their kitchen skills! Host your own version of the popular cooking show Chopped in your kitchen. Prepare a basket of key ingredients for your date and have them do the same. Make an edible dish for one another using your basket of items. If the dishes end up terrible, there is always Chinese take out as a solid Plan B option.

Become a Tour Guide

Take turns showing each other your favorite parts of the city that you are in. It can be everything from your favorite spot for a drink, your favorite park, or your favorite tree! Get creative and show one another the parts of the city that the other might have been missing out on! Make sure to document the date like a tourist and take pictures at every place that you go to.

Board Game Night

Need I say more? Make some amazing snacks and settle in for some old fashioned competition. Turn it into a tournament and keep track of the winner of each game! Loser has to do something crazy and silly!

Have a Night Picnic

Hanging out on a blanket under the stars is yes, cliche, but yes, very much awesome. Bring some wine and snacks and you have yourself a fun night picnic! You don’t do that every day do you?

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Find two other friends and head to the mall, the grocery store, or downtown and create a list of 5 to 10 items that the other team of two has to find. Set a time limit, and plan to meet at a restaurant after to compare your findings and grab a bite to eat! Get creative with your lists! Whether it is grabbing a napkin from Starbucks or taking a picture of your date doing a handstand, this scavenger hunt will be a fun experience for the two of you to share!

Go Camping

Pitch a tent (or a blanket fort) in the middle of your living room, backyard, or local field or forest! Pack a bag and a cooler full of camping food and make a day or weekend out of it. Who doesn’t love smores and hot dogs?

I hope that you and your date enjoy some of these ideas! Happy Valentines! Let me know in the comments below if you have any other good date ideas!



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