15 New Year’s Eve Snack for Kids!

15 New Year’s Eve Snack for Kids!

15 New Years Eve Snacks for Kids

For a healthy but awesome treat, make fruit rockets with grapes and berries. via Eats Amazing.

Countdown with these yummy Oreo cookie clocks. If there is an Oreo involved, I’m in! via Pint-Sized Baker.

These crescent dippers are easily shaped into the numbers of the new year. What a fun snack! via Pillsbury.

Make your favorite pinwheels and line them up to spell out 2016. via Hungry Happenings.

Champagne cake balls are my favorite NYE dessert – just replac the champagne with a non-alcoholic option for kids. via The Seasoned Mom.

Make a NYE inspired snack mix with cheerios, chex, pretzels and white chocolate. via Sports Mom Survival Guide.

Cheers to the new year with milk shots! What a fun idea. Jolynne Shane.

One of my favorite New Years Eve snacks is eggnog dip. It goes perfect with vanilla wafers! via It’s Written On The Walls.

Put marshmallows on a stick and decorate with colored sugar. via The Decorated Cookie.

Use ice cream cones to make edible party horns. They’re much quieter than the original! via Hungry Happenings.

Make NYE puppy chow with white chocolate and gold sprinkles! via The First Year Blog.

Your kids will love these awesome sparkling jello push pops. via Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Make pizza for dinner and mold the crust into the year! via Fun On A Dime.

Add Perrier to a little cotton candy to make the most fun NYE drink ever – sparkling cotton candy! via Vicky Barone.

For a fun sparkling drink that’s kid-friendly these gummy bear mocktails topped off with rock candy are perfect. via Modern Parents Messy Kids.

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