8 Fun Family Movie Night Ideas!

8 Fun Family Movie Night Ideas!

1.  Print Admission Tickets – How about giving the kids a ticket to Family Movie Night before they head out the door in the morning.  It’ll give them something fun to look forward to all day.  You can print some adorable movie tickets at Dabbles and Babbles.

2.  Let the Kids Make Dinner – Keep dinner simple with some quick kids pizza making fun.

3.  Make Candy Necklaces – Let the kids keep their treats handy – around their necks!  Have them string candy, pretzels, and such onto a necklace for a fun movie night treat.  Find out how to make edible candy necklaces at Blondie and Brownies.

4.  Pile Up On the Floor – Load the floor with sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows for some snuggling while watching.  If you’re the DIY type, find out how to make giant floor pillows at Oven lovin’.

5.  Make a Game of It – Play a game while you watch with this fun Movie BINGO printable from Complicated Mama.

6.  Pretend You’re At the Drive-In – Use cardboard boxes to craft cars for the kids to sit in.  Find out how to make your own cardboard cars at Not Just a Housewife.

7.  Take It Outside – Set up a projector and invite the neighbors for an outdoor movie night!  Check out all of the fun that Work in Progress Kits had at their Outdoor Family Movie Night.

8.  Use NETFLIX for Kids!


Article Courtesy of b-inspiredmama.com/family-movie-night-fun/


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