Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway!


Family Fun Arizona gives away 4 (four) Thanksgiving Meals to families in need every year. The holiday season is not only about gifts and celebrations around town, but it is also about helping others, being thankful for what we have and enjoying quality time with the people we care about. We hope these complimentary holiday meals help alleviate some of the stress some may feel about purchasing a big feast and provide those families peace and joy at Thanksgiving.

The FREE Thanksgiving Dinners will include:

  • A Turkey
  • 3 Side Dishes
  • Fresh Rolls
  • Dessert

*Dinners are made to feed a family of 4. They are delivered cold and will need to be heated before serving.

Complete the form on this page to be entered into the giveaway! Please feel free to nominate yourself or another family in need that would benefit from the complimentary Thanksgiving dinner. Entries will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, November 18th. The 4 (four) winners will be announced on our main Family Fun Arizona Facebook Page on Monday, November 19th at noon!

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season! Thank you for supporting Family Fun Arizona. Cheers! 🙂