Blow Painting With Straws

Blow Painting With Straws

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*If you don’t have liquid watercolor paint, you can use watered-down food coloring or watered-down tempera paint.


First, set up for the activity.

  • Place a sheet of paper on a tray with sides (a baking dish would work) or do this activity outside.
  • Cut your straws in half, so your blowing action is more effective and closer to the paint. If you’re doing this with young children, poke a hole halfway up the straw with a pin. This will prevent them from sucking paint into the straw by accident.
  • Put your liquid watercolor paints in small dishes, or use paint cups in a base as shown here.
  • Get out your dropper.

Step 1. Add Paint Drops to Paper

Use the dropper to transfer one or more droplets of liquid watercolor paint to the paper.

Step 2. Blow at Paint Through Straw

Blow through the straw at the paint drops, forcing the paint to move along the paper in tiny rivulets.

Step 3. Repeat with more paint

Repeat steps 1 and 2 with more paint and more colors until you are satisfied with your design. Set aside to dry and start over with a new sheet of paper!

See why we use a tray? The paint can splatter off the paper. (You could also do this activity outside, of course.)

It can be interesting to see the colors run together and mix.

Once the paint dries, you can display your artwork or use it to make cards, wrapping paper, collage papers for other art, or more.

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