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Melted Bead Suncatchers

MATERIALS Translucent pony beads Metal or foil baking dishes (such as an old muffin tin or a cake pan)* Outdoor grill (best) or toaster oven *After doing this several times, we’ve decided that it’s best to use older or thrift store baking dishes that you’ll dedicate to crafts. INSTRUCTIONS We started with cheap, translucent pony beads. [...]read moreMelted Bead Suncatchers

11 Fun Activities to DIY This Summer From The Dollar Store

1. DIY SPONGE WATER BOMBS Kids are obsessed with water balloons so they’ll love this diy water bomb alternative made with sponges. You’ll love make it too since they can be reuseable thus saving you money in the long run. Can purchase the sponges from any Dollar Store in your area or here. via The Chic Site [...]read more11 Fun Activities to DIY This Summer From The Dollar Store


MATERIALS NEEDED Table Salt Paper (black really makes the colors pop) watercolors (We love this set. It has some great color choices) paint brushes White Glue (save yourself some hassle and buy it in bulk here) Cookie Sheet Optional: You could also use food coloring and an eye dropper instead of watercolors if you’d like. Start by laying your paper [...]read moreFIREWORK SALT PAINTING

Tie Dye Your Summer!

Learn Tie-Dye Techniques from the Pros! Over 20 different techniques to try with the kids, this summer! How to Tie Dye We have a lot of tie-dye techniques on this site that show you how to tie dye like a pro, but sometimes you just want to know the basics! Check out this section for easy tie-dye [...]read moreTie Dye Your Summer!


Squirt gun painting is a thrilling summer art experience for kids and is the ultimate boredom buster! For our paintings, we used Nerf Super Soaker Alphafire Blasters. I like to avoid the super cheap multi-pack squirt guns typically found in dollar stores because they seem to end up breaking within hours. The Alphafires are still inexpensive, but have the quality one can [...]read moreTHRILL YOUR KIDS WITH COLORFUL SQUIRT GUN PAINTING

Blow Painting With Straws

Courtesy of MATERIALS Tag board, card stock, or other heavy paper Liquid watercolor paint* Dropper or pipette Drinking straws *If you don’t have liquid watercolor paint, you can use watered-down food coloring or watered-down tempera paint. INSTRUCTIONS First, set up for the activity. Place a sheet of paper on a tray with sides (a [...]read moreBlow Painting With Straws

Butterfly Handprint Card

Courtesy of   These butterfly handprint cards are adorable! We love that these are made from your child’s handprint too. It adds such a nice personal touch. And they are perfect to give for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day! There is a really cute poem you can add to it also (print off and [...]read moreButterfly Handprint Card


Project courtesy of All you need for this project are three toilet paper rolls, a glue gun and then paper and paint for the little ones. To begin, fold one side of a toilet paper roll to a sharp point. Do this with another roll, and now you have the ears. Leave the last [...]read moreRECYCLED TP ROLL EASTER BUNNY AND EGG STAMPS

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Ingredients Hard Boiled Eggs Food Colouring Paper Towel Water Spray Bottle Tiny Elastics or Twist Ties Table Fan Instructions Tear apart the paper towels into small rectangles. Place a cool, dry egg in the middle of the paper towel. Wrap the paper towel up and around the egg so it’s completely covered. Twist the top [...]read moreTie Dye Easter Eggs

5 Easy Wacky Wednesday Craft Ideas

Almost every kid’s craft has the opportunity to get a little wacky. Especially if you have glitter around the house! Let’s keep the wacky a little more low key and less mess: Switch out painting supplies: use a toothbrush, stick with leaves at the end, or celery and green onions instead of a paintbrush to [...]read more5 Easy Wacky Wednesday Craft Ideas