Optional: You could also use food coloring and an eye dropper instead of watercolors if you’d like.

Start by laying your paper on a cookie sheet so the salt doesn’t get all over the place.

Draw out your design with the glue. It works better if you do it thick. If you aren’t comfortable free handing a design, draw it out with a white crayon or colored pencil first.

Next, sprinkle salt over the glue before it dries. Apply generously! You want to get everything covered. Shake off excess salt onto your tray.

Get your watercolors really wet, and lightly paint onto the salt. You can use food coloring and an eye dropper here if you’d prefer. You don’t want to drag it too much or it will mess up the salt. I tried to get my brush extra drippy so I barely had to tap the design. Have fun with colors! It looks great when they bleed together.

Let the project dry completely and you are done! Your kids will love how the salt sparkles when its all dry.

*Over time this project will flake off and won’t last forever, so make sure to take pictures of your kiddos creating!

Spray your project with hairspray when you are done to make it last longer.


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