Fun Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve with the Kids!

Fun Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve with the Kids!

Noon Year’s Eve

Do you have little ones who can’t even make it to 8 p.m., let alone midnight? That’s what Noon Year’s Eve is for! Grab the kiddos and start the party at 11 a.m. complete with hats, sparkling cider and all the New Year’s flash! When the clock strikes 11:59 a.m., countdown to noon and celebrate! Bonus: You’ll have plenty of time to clean up and get ready for your own New Year’s bash later that day!

Set resolutions together

Resolutions are one of the more popular New Year’s Eve traditions so how about tackling some for your family? Teach your kids the importance of making goals and resolutions by sitting down together as a family and making it a part of your New Year’s Eve tradition. If this is your first time, keep it simple and limit the number of goals so they are doable and more meaningful.

Need some ideas? How about these:

  • Phone-free dinners
  • Plan a family vacation
  • Schedule family game nights
  • Give back to your community

Start the countdown early

Living on the West Coast certainly has its advantages and celebrating New Year’s early when you have kids is one of them! You can start the celebration around 8 p.m. and at 8:59 p.m. you can countdown to “midnight” along with the East Coast! Watch the ball drop in Times Square, sing along to “Auld Lang Syne” and wrap up the celebration while the kids can still keep their eyes open. This is a great way for kids to be a part of the celebration and still get to bed on time.

Kill time with a craft

It’s a special occasion so break out the glitter! Pick up some paper crowns, hats and New Year’s glasses from the store for the kids to decorate and wear for the countdown. Have markets, pens, glitter, glue and whatever else you can think of on hand to create the perfect sparkly headpiece. When the hats are completed you can set up a runway to model your new creations! (Psst — more ideas here.)

Build your own photo booth

Use your camera or an iPad to set up a photo booth to capture all the silly memories. Put on your homemade hats, play with props and encourage the kiddos to get a bit silly. Print out the pictures with a mobile printer to let the kiddos take home a memento from the night.

Stage a slumber party

Keep the party going all night line by hosting a New Year’s Eve slumber party. The whole family can cuddle up in their PJs to watch a New Year’s movie, play a board game or even set up your own karaoke machine. The kids will have so much that the time until the ball drops will simply fly by. So pull out the sleeping bags, pop some popcorn, pour some sparkling cider and ring in the New Year in comfort.

Prep a balloon drop

You might not be able to install your own ball drop in the living room, but you can easily fake it with a bunch of balloons! Simply set up a balloon drop kit (available at Party City and Amazon, among other retailers) or make your own by filling a table cloth or some netting with a bunch of balloons. When the clock strikes midnight (or your kids reach the end of their countdown) release the balloons! Your kids will love the surprise.

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