How to Build Up Confidence in Your Children by Dr. Robyn Silverman

How to Build Up Confidence in Your Children by Dr. Robyn Silverman

Tips for Building Up Confidence in Your Children

By Dr. Robyn Silverman

Praise effort over personal characteristics.

Studies show that when we praise the effort it takes to make progress or achieve a goal rather than fixed, personal characteristics, your children will be more likely to work hard and see challenges as hurdles that they can clear.

Surround them with positive, confident people.

When children are around people who work hard and have a “can do” attitude, they are more likely to adopt a “can do” attitude as well. Especially when children are around others who are conquering similar challenges that they face, it can be particularly powerful.

Give them a job.

When children are given the opportunity to feel resourceful, helpful and successful, they receive an internal boost that can’t be attained in any other way.

Encourage them to set goals.

When children set meaningful goals, they are able to strive, feel the excitement of progress and eventually earn the confidence that comes with goal achievement. What are they interested in learning? Have them write it down and devise a plan.

Show them the evidence.

When your children are feeling down, talk to them about what they have achieved with hard word and perseverance. Reminding them of the high grade they achieved on a tough test or the award they received for a sport or contest will be difficult to deny.

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