Perform to Learn Preschool

Perform to Learn Preschool


Perform to Learn (P2L) is a play-based Performing Arts Preschool located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. P2L is the sister school to our original location in Bermuda, which has experienced great success in eight years by ensuring our students graduate with an awesome foundation socially and academically through exposure to the arts.

What better location than in the midst of the arts community of Old Town Scottsdale?

Our Scottsdale location has just less than 5,000 square feet of state-of-the-art classrooms dedicated to introducing our students to classes and activities such as:

Language and Culture
Outdoor gardening and science center
An indoor playscape that houses a child-sized salon, grocery store, veterinarian office, post office, ice cream truck, pasta bar and racer slides

Our staff members have college degrees either in the areas, or closely related to the areas, they teach. P2L has one of the most dedicated and loving staffs, and the children are thriving in their environment.

We have created a platform that allows our school to be boutique in style, which means parent participation is key. We create individual learning plans for each student and have small class student-teacher ratios for more of a one-on-one feel.

The magic of P2L is hard to explain and is a must-see for those who are looking for a clean, nurturing world-class experience for their children’s foundational years. We are on a mission to ensure all children are set up to be wildly happy and successful in life.

For further information, interested parents can contact us via email at or call (480) 656-2333.

McCartney Hart is the owner of the Perform 2 Learn Preschool in Scottsdale.

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