President’s Day Craft

President’s Day Craft

Presidents’ Day is celebrated in honor of George Washington, the first U.S. president. Former President Abraham Lincoln also had a birthday in the month of February, and so Presidents’ Day has often been associated with those two presidents. However, it’s changed over the years and has also been said to celebrate the office of the Presidency, not any particular president. No matter what the reason, it’s a great opportunity to talk to kids about the United States and the different presidents it has had over the years.

Cardboard Tube Presidents

You will need:

2 4-inch cardboard tubes
Construction paper: black, blue, white
Peach paint
Pink crayon
4 googly eyes
Cotton ball
Black marker
Glue stick
White craft glue

Paint the front of each cardboard tube with peach paint. Most of it will be covered, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Cover one of the cardboard tubes with black construction paper, cutting off a section so that the peach isn’t covered at the top (for the face). Repeat this with blue construction paper for the other tube.

To make President Lincoln’s hat, place a cardboard tube onto a piece of black construction paper. Draw a circle on the paper about half of an inch larger than the tube. Cut that circle out. Now roll a separate piece of black construction paper for the top part of the hat. Glue it closed with a glue stick, then add white craft glue all around the bottom of the tube and stick it to the black circle. Set aside to dry.

Cut out the pattern pieces and glue them to the cardboard tubes:

George Washington’s collar – blue
George Washington’s stock (ruffled scarf) – white
Abraham Lincoln’s shirt – white
Abraham Lincoln’s bow tie – black

Add facial features with a black marker, cheeks with a pink crayon and glue on googly eyes.

Finally, use a black marker to add Lincoln’s beard. For Washington’s hair, carefully unroll a cotton ball into a strip. Roll each end and glue to the cardboard tube. Line the top of Lincoln’s head with white glue and place his hat on top.

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