Spinach and Goat Stuffed Chicken Breast with Roasted Asparagus

Spinach and Goat Stuffed Chicken Breast with Roasted Asparagus

For Chicken:
2 chicken breasts, pounded into 4 cutlets
sea salt
freshly ground pepper
garlic powder
8oz soft goat cheese, room temp (so it’s soft and spreadable)
1½ cups chopped spinach

Cream Sauce:
1 cup heavy cream
1 T butter
2 tsp flour, or 1 tsp arrow root powder if you live gluten free
2 T fresh dill, chopped
Sea Salt
Freshly ground pepper
1 T Capers

1 large bunch asparagus
sea salt
freshly ground pepper
Place asparagus on plate, top with chicken. You can either leave the breast whole (pictured at top of post) or slice into pinwheels so the stuffing can be seen. Drizzle with cream sauce, garnish with remaining chopped dill and serve!

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and place rack in upper third of oven.
2. Chicken Preparation
3. Make cutlets by cutting breast in half width wise, placing between plastic and pounding with a rolling pin till chicken is about a ¼ inch thick.
4. Season one side with lightly with sea salt, pepper and garlic powder.
5. Turn seasoned side down and use a spatula to spread soft goat cheese on unseasoned side.
6. If goat cheese does not spread easily, it’s ok. The cheese will spread out as it cooks.
7. Top each cutlet with chopped spinach. Roll up chicken breast and stuffing and place seam side down on parchment covered rimmed cookie sheet.
8. If you can, place all chicken to one side of cookie sheet leaving room to add asparagus later. Place in oven and cook for 35 minutes. If chicken breast are really large you may need to cook 5 minutes longer. While chicken cooks prepare cream sauce and asparagus.
9. Cream Sauce Preparation
10. Place sauce pan on medium/high heat. Add butter, when melted add arrowroot or flour and whisk. Slowly add cream while whisking. When cream thickens a bit, turn off heat. Add a few turns of freshly ground pepper, a few pinches of sea salt and chopped dill. Add capers and reheat right before serving.
11. Asparagus Preparation
12. Brush asparagus with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and pepper. Add to cookie sheet with chicken the last 10 minutes of cooking or use separate parchment covered cookie sheet.

– from The Organic Kitchen; serves 4

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