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A Little More Holiday… A Little Less Stress

“We need a little holiday ― not a whole lot of stress” By Tonya Sacowicz The holidays are upon us, and we all have Norman Rockwell-ish dreams of what the holidays should look like. But let’s be real. The holidays often end up being stressful and challenging instead of bringing the joy we dream of. [...]read moreA Little More Holiday… A Little Less Stress

10 Thanksgiving Hacks to Save Time!

1. Use a Slow Cooker You can use your slow cooker for your mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, or even your turkey. This allows you to prep these items ahead of time and frees up your oven or stovetop for preparing other dishes. 2. Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner a Potluck Take some of the pressure off yourself [...]read more10 Thanksgiving Hacks to Save Time!

Potty Training

Potty training. Two words parents often dread. Adults don’t think much about using the bathroom — until they are their parents of a young child. Then, their days are consumed by diaper bags, diaper pails, potty seats, travel potties, training pants, overnight diapers and more. The average parent changes at least 2,000 diapers a year. [...]read morePotty Training