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How to Add A New Business – You Must Have A Subscription Before You Can Add A Business

  1. Click Add New Business button.
  2. Complete all form fields, all fields except social media field are required.
  3. You want to upload your logo. For best results use an image that is taller than 150px.
  4. After submitting your business we will be notified. Your business will not display to the public until after our staff reviews and approves it.
  5. This approval process can take up to 24 Hours.

How to Manage Your Business Profile for Visitors to View

After clicking the Manage Button you will be taken to a page were you can view, edit or delete your business. Here is what each button means.
VIEW BUSINESS – Click this to view your business wall, this is what the visitor sees. Here you can create a post or add photos.
• How to create a wall post.
1. Click on View Business
2. You will see a section in the middle that states Create your post. Here you will type and add images for your wall.
• How to add photos to your gallery
1. After clicking View Business
2. You will see a Photo Tab – Click this tab
3. On the right side you will see a text link that states “add/remove images”
4. You will then be taken to your media library. Here you can either select an image already in your library or you can upload a new image.
To make changes to the About tab go back to the user account page and select EDIT BUSINESS
To make changes to the Offers tab go back to the user account page and select ADD NEW OFFER
EDIT BUSINESS –  Click this to edit your business profile, logo, hours of operation, address, phone.
DELETE BUSINESS – Click this to delete your business.
ADD NEW OFFER – Click this to create an offer for your visitors. Use this to offer specials.