Valentine’s M&M Butterfly Treats

Valentine’s M&M Butterfly Treats

Here is an adorable gift idea for Valentine’s Day ~ m&m butterflies! The kids can even help make them for classmates, teachers, etc! It also would look cute with pink jelly beans or any other candy. They are really simple to make and you could do them for any occasion, not just Valentine’s Day.

Materials Needed:

1) Paint your clothes pins or decorate however you would like. My paint dried in less time than it took me to do the next step; these are very quick and fun to make!
2) Fill a snack bag 1/2 way with the m&m’s, tuck the zipper part under to hide it, and tie it with the pipe cleaner to secure it.
3) Place your dried clothespin around the bag and pipe cleaner, glue on googly eyes and shape the antennas however you would like!

Craft obtained courtesy of Crafty Morning

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